What is Web 3 Technology? Beginner Guide

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What is Web 3: Today technology is growing so fast that we can’t measure its growth speed. Recently, we saw things like Bitcoin, Crypto, Metaverse, and Web 3.

Web 3 word is like a buzz, and it is trending in today’s time. Many of you people don’t understand about web 3 and also may you have a lot of questions regarding web 3 and its existence but don’t worry about all these things.

In this post/article, we will cover web 3 Technology, and you will get the idea of this new thing called web 3. Now you will get clarity on this new web 3.

What is Web 3

What is Web 3 Technology?

In simple words, web 3 is the next generation of the internet which will work on blockchain technology, and everything on the internet will get decentralized. 

The more simple definition of Web 3: Decentralizing the internet worldwide is called web 3.

It means on web 3; no one can steal your information because Web 3 will decentralize your information on the internet.

Now I think you are curious to know more about this web 3. So let’s first understand Web2 and Web1, which is the part of web 3 from one side.

What is Web 1.0?

The first generation of the internet is called Web 1.0. When the internet was started, people could only read on the internet because all the websites came with only HTML versions.

Only web admins and developers published their information, and people couldn’t interact with websites then.

Also, Web 1.0 is called the “read-only” web version. Web 1.0 lasted from 1989-2005.

What is Web 2.0?

The evolution of Web 1.0 is called Web 2.0, where users can easily read and interact with the internet information, which gives the birth of social media and blogs.

Google, YouTube, Blogger, and Meta (Facebook) all came when web 2.0 evolution was started.

The missing part in web 2.0 is that here everything is centralized means your every information; those who give to well-known social media sites store your information in their database and can do anything with your information on the internet.

For example – Meta can delete your post, or Twitter can take down any tweet, so this is why in Web 2.0, everything is centralized. 

Web 3 technology can quickly solve this centralized problem because web 3 works on a blockchain where every information of yours is stored with you, and no one can change and rewrite your information.

The most recent web3 technologies are – Metaverse and NFT. 

If you create an NFT, no one can steal your ownership or no one can delete your information; this is why it is a Web3 technology.

Web3 space is much bigger than your think and is still in its early phase. Now Let’s talk about the features of Web3 you might not know.

Features of Web 3


The most working feature in web3 is its Decentralizing function because it works on a Blockchain; that’s why it is decentralized, where every information will be stored in the blockchain block.


Now, on the internet, everyone can copy-paste each other content, and this is the common reason that sometimes we can’t identify the actual creator of any content on the internet, but on web3, every creator can easily claim their ownership on their content.

Artificial Intelligence

On web3, AI technologies will improve in the future because, in web3, computers can easily and quickly catch the user data, so it will get the AI to get better. Also, people can take more benefits of AI on Web3.

So these are some main features that Web 3 will provide us. Hope from this beginner guide you will get the knowledge of web3.

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Web3 is our future, and from now on, we have to gather more information about this and educate people about this because if people do not get the proper education on web3 might be will see web3 evolution so late.

Also, in 2016 web3 evolution was started but is currently in its early phase.

For any questions about web 3, you can ask in the down comment section. If you love this piece, share it with others and follow our blog for more informational content.

FAQ – What is Web 3?

Q: When is Web3 Started?

Answer: Web 3 is currently in its early phase and started in 2016.

Q: What are Examples of Web 3 Technologies?

Answer: NFT and AI is the best example of Web 3 Technologies.