9 Killer Tips to Make Successful Faceless YouTube Channel

9 Killer Tips to Make Successful Faceless YouTube Channel

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Successful Faceless YouTube Channel: In today’s time, youtube is the biggest video search engine platform on the internet, where millions of billions of videos are uploaded daily. 

In a survey, we found that most of the videos on Youtube are faceless, which means people are making a video without showing their face, and the audience also loves it.

So if you also want to make a faceless youtube channel or if you already have a faceless channel and want to make it successful, then this article will help you.

In this article, we will give you 9 killer tips to help you make your faceless youtube channel successful, so let’s start reading.

9 Killer Tips to Make Successful Faceless YouTube Channel

9 Killer Tips to Make Successful Faceless YouTube Channel

1. Content

As an audience, you will give your time to something valuable that adds value to your life or provides you with satisfaction. So now, as a faceless youtube creator, you should focus on your content because if in your video there is only fill gas, no one will give you engagement.

As a creator, your first focus should be on providing great content to the audience because the content is not king; it is a kingdom.

2. Voice Quality

A faceless YouTuber uploads their video without showing their face; only their voice comes in the video. So if your voice quality is not good in the video, then no one will see that video.

So you need to give quality audio in your faceless video for the quality voice; you can buy some good youtube mic from the market or online.

3. Thumbnail

If your thumbnail is not attractive or clickable, your faceless videos are a waste. The thumbnail is the central UPS to make any video viral on YouTube.

Before making any video, your first focus must be on a thumbnail. If you create an attractive & clickable thumbnail, then I m damn sure you will get a lot of tons of views on your channel.

4. Editing

The editing part is the most crucial thing in the faceless video. Also, it is one of the essential factors for making a successful faceless youtube channel.

Without good editing, you should stop imagining that your video will get viral. You have to give quality editing to your video to make your channel successful.

5. Social Media

There are many YouTube channels that succeed because of their other social media followings like – Facebook & Instagram.

If you want success in your faceless youtube channel, you should also focus on other video uploading platforms. Where you can share your same faceless video with your youtube link, it helps you reach a wider audience.

6. Your Competitor

There is always a chance that in your niche, the other YouTuber is already getting succeeded. So, in this case, you should analyse their channel, other social media following, how they upload videos, how they edit and their voice quality.

After researching, see your videos, and you can change small things that can increase your channel views.

7. Video quality

If you see a low-quality video, there is a much chance that you will close it soon. On the faceless youtube channel, when your editing is complete.

You should export your video in HD and upload it in HD so the audience will like the quality. Never compromise your video quality if you want to make your faceless youtube channel successful.

8. Video SEO

SEO is also essential to rank your faceless videos on top YouTube searches. If you are working on a faceless channel, you must learn about Video SEO.

Also, there is a google chrome extension with the name VidIQ which YouTube verifies; you can use that extension for your Video SEO.

9. Consistency

Uploading 10-20 videos will not give you views; you need to be consistent on your faceless channel to make it successful.

Without consistency, there is not a single person on earth who get succeeds. Make a schedule that you will upload XYZ’s number of videos weekly; it will help you to be consistent.

So these are the 9 killer tips that can help you make your first faceless youtube channel successful; you need to implement all these things. Maybe this article content can earn you the next superstar? But who knows the future, no one. So keep working out.

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Q: How many videos are uploaded on youtube every day?

Answer: Over 1 billion videos are uploaded on youtube every day.

Q: How much money does youtube make in a year?

Answer: In 2019, youtube’s revenue was more than 19 billion us dollars.