List of Best Canada Sim Cards for Travel (2022)

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Canada Sim Card: Do You Know What is the best way to stay connected with others while traveling to Canada? Purchase a prepaid sim card for Canada instead of wasting money on exorbitant roaming fees.

The best 4G/5G network in Canada, current prices as of July 2022, information about international and sim cards for Canada, and all the pay-as-you-go sim card providers in Canada are all listed in this article.

Prepaid sim card costs in Canada are exorbitantly high, and the value is inferior! Purchasing a Canada sim card online is SO MUCH BETTER! Continue reading to find out how.


Why Sim Card Need in Canada?

The cheapest way to stay connected is with a local prepaid sim card, which is also the most uncomplicated and dependable and provides the fastest data connection!

Since this is the case, Traveltomtom typically suggests getting a sim card as soon as you arrive in a new country.

In Canada, the majority of hotels, bars, malls, and restaurants provide free public WiFi; however, I still advise you to purchase a sim card there. Your travel experience will be much more convenient if you have a functioning data connection.

Given the size of Canada, staying connected while driving on long, monotonous straight roads keeps you from getting bored, but what if you could use Google Maps to find your way, find a restaurant nearby, or order an Uber to take you back to your hotel?

In my opinion, there are many good reasons to get a sim card for your trip to Canada.

Do not forget that using free public WiFi to browse the internet uses an insecure network. Utilizing a VPN is advised!

Canada’s e-Sim card

E-sim cards are the simplest way to maintain connectivity while on the go. Sim card exchanges in physical form are over!

Make an online purchase, get a code, modify your settings, and you’re online. Additionally, Canadian e-sim cards offer excellent value. Check out these e-sim card offers:

  • 1 GB of data for seven days costs US$7.5.
  • $17.5 for 3 GB of data over 30 days.
  • $25 for 5 GB of data over 30 days.
  • 10GB of data for 30 days costs US$36.

Your phone number is kept when using an e-sim card. E-sim cards, on the other hand, are data-only sim cards. You would be better off ordering a physical sim card for Canada if you also want to make phone calls.

Click Here to check e-Sim Card Deals.

What stores sell Canada SIM cards?

Although purchasing a SIM card at the airport is always an option, it is not always the best choice in Western nations because they are more expensive. 

I researched, for instance, how much a sim card would cost at the Toronto Airport, and the value was terrible!

The best Canada sim card offers can only be found if you drive to a mall and enter one of the authorized retail stores. 

Furthermore, larger gas stations, convenience stores like 7Eleven and Dollarama, and even some grocery stores now sell sim cards for Canada.

Canadian mobile internet service providers

Even though Canada is a colossal country, not many people live there. Unexpectedly, Canada has a large number of mobile internet service providers. 

However, do they all provide temporary Canada sim cards?

The four major Canadian pay-as-you-go sim card companies are as follows, and they all serve the entire country:

  • Telus Mobility
  • Bell Canada
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Rogers

A few additional local mobile internet service providers exist, including Freedom Mobile, Chatr, Videotron Mobile, WIND Mobile, etc. 

Although these providers don’t cover the entire country of Canada, they might still be a good fit if you only travel to a few cities.

In Canada, the top prepaid sim card for 2022

Telus Mobility is the best prepaid Canada sim card after examining all the pay-as-you-go offers and network coverage. 

You can get 20 GB of data, unlimited texting, and calling for $75 CAD. However, Traveltomtom advises ordering an e-sim card or a sim card for Canada online before your trip. 

Why? The simple fact is that they are less expensive!

Online Canadian SIM card ordering

Before getting into the best-prepaid sim card for Canada, I can already tell you that ordering one online saves you a lot of hassle. These are the top three sim cards I could find online for traveling to Canada.

1. True Move Smart Traveler

  • $39.90 for 6 GB of data across Canada
  • For 15 days only

2. Orange Holiday World is worth $49.90

  • 10 GB of data across Canada, the USA, and Mexico
  • It expires in 14 days

3. AT&T Smart Data X is worth $79,90

  • 30 GB of data across Canada
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Canada, the United States, and Mexico
  • It expires in 30 days

Your best option for your trip to Canada is the AT&T sim card mentioned above!

Before your trip to Canada, all the sims mentioned above will be delivered to your home address. You will immediately be online because they have already been activated when the plane lands.

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You can also purchase/buy a local sim card when you arrive if you don’t want to order your Canada sim card online.

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