iPhone 14: Everything to know about this iPhone Rumors

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iPhone 14: If you are an Apple Phone lover, then I m sure you must be waiting for iPhone 14. Last year, Apple launched its 13, 13 pro, and 13 pro max segment of iPhone.

Now it’s time for iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 is coming soon, so you don’t have to worry. Many rumors are coming about iPhone 14, and we will see many changes in this segment of the iPhone.

In this post/article, we will tell you everything about iPhone 14 and also their rumors. So let’s start to know everything about iPhone 14.


About iPhone 14 Rumors

We cover everything from screen to performance which we will see on the Apple iPhone 14 segment.

iPhone 14 Display

Rumors are coming that iPhone 14 display size will come in two sizes, 6.1 inches (Standard & Pro Model) and two 6.7 inches (pro max & max model) 

Also, some leaks are saying that it can come with 6.5 inches. Now for accurate information, we have to wait till Apple Event.

iPhone 14 Color

This iPhone 14 Segment can come in Red, Black, White, Purple, and different shades of color. iPhone 14 pro and pro max segments likely come in Gold, Graphite, Silver, and Purple color.

iPhone 14 Price

The base model of the iPhone 13 sale price was around $799, or this time we can say it will come at around $800, an increase of $100. Rumors are the price of iPhone 13 and 14 can be the same.

Now iPhone 14 pro and Pro max models can go for $1099-$1200, respectively. What are your thoughts on iPhone 14 Price? You can write down your thought in the comment section.

iPhone 14 Release Date?

At this time, We can only assume the release date of the iPhone 14 by their records because, till now, there has been no official date released by apple.

Most Apple iPhones are released in the month of September-October. So we can assume that iPhone 14 can be officially released this year in September or October.

iPhone 14 Features

Following are the features we might see in Apple iPhone 14 edition. These all features information are collected through rumors and other sources (internet)

Also, the rumor is coming that this year apple will not launch its mini edition of the iPhone 14 because last year’s iPhone 13 mini was a failure for them.

  • iPhone 14 pro and pro max segment can come with an A16 bionic chip. The base model will come with A15 Chip like iPhone 13.
  • The flat-frame body, speaker grill, and volume buttons resemble iPhone 13 models. We might see any changes in these parts. 
  • In iPhone 14, a sim tray will be provided but not eSiM.
  • Rumors say this iPhone 14 will come with 6 GB of RAM, and the storage can come with internally 2TB.
  • Some Sources are that Apple can switch to USB-C charging this year but only in pro and pro max models.
  • iPhone 14 all segments will support 5g Network as it is the future demand.
  • This year the front camera of the iPhone 14 will be improved like every year. iPhone 14 front camera can include the autofocus feature.

So these are features we will see in iPhone 14 according to rumors, but which feature do you like to add to this iPhone 14 segment? You can pin down your comment.

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Every year Apple surprises us with most of its features; let’s see this year what will happen when Apple organize an Event for their iPhone. We are also waiting for Apple Event.

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